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Well it took me a while, but I thought I’d have a go at blogging. My main interests are in (analytic) philosophy of psychiatry and psychoanalytic / dynamic theory so I’ll try and keep my musings roughly on topic. Questions that I’m particularly interested in include:

1) What is a mental disorder?

2) What kinds of mental disorder are there?

3) Would a categorical or dimensional nosology be more empirically adequate?

3) How much does psychiatry fit in as a specialist branch of medicine?

4) How do genetics, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, behaviourism, and sociology (for example) fit in together for an understanding of mental disorder?

5) How does they way in which we answer 4) determine what interventions are most likely to be successful?

I also have a hobby interest in psychoanalytic / dynamic theory an particularly in attachment theory and self psychology. I might post things from time to time on its application to disorders of the self (borderline personality, trauma, dissociation and the like).

Anyway… To anyone reading: Thanks for reading. Hope you find something interesting and I really look forward to your comments / objections / concerns :-)


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